Carton Solutions is a proud Queensland company, with origins dating back to early last century. Today, we are a modern, dynamic business focused on providing premium service to the packaging industry.

Carton Solutions is a proud Queensland company that began as a supplier to the catering industry, before expanding into the corrugated box market with the opening of our production facility in 1991. In 2008 we made a significant investment to further increase our production capability, together with implementing a world-class operating system. This has allowed us to offer our customers improved quality and a more flexible offering, while delivering greater value for money.

Previously known as Service Containers, our new name Carton Solutions reflects our attitude to finding and creating the solutions our customers seek, delivered by a team of people with a positive and constructive mindset to customer satisfaction. It is this core value that differentiates us in the market.

As a subsidiary of Orora Group, Carton Solutions enjoys the benefits of being part of a larger organisation, while retaining the ability to operate independently. In more recent years. Carton Solutions has strategically aligned with other Orora subsidiaries to form the Specialty Packaging Group (SPG), a network of like-minded businesses supporting the east coast of Australia and New Zealand.

Carton Solutions has been a strong performer in the Queensland market, and our customers have encouraged us to expand the level of packaging support we offer. Our move into sourcing litho lamination products and Point of Sale (POS) was a natural evolution, and now forms a fundamental pillar of our product range. The development of our China office ensures that all work is managed professionally through initiation, pre-press and manufacture.

Other SPG businesses include:
Specialty Packaging Group, Victoria
Sainsbury Packaging, Sydney
Box NZ, Auckland and Christchurch