Corrugated Cartons

A vast range of packaging styles are available, with most able to be customised to meet your unique requirements. Each style can be modified to incorporate printing and the necessary board strength.

Find out more about some common styles below.

Regular Slotted Boxes

This style is highly efficient and economical as there is very little waste in manufacturing.


This carton is an open top tray ideal for displaying products. Can be self locking, stitched or glued.

Hinged Lids

Die cut self locking boxes that do not require tape and have a hinged lid. Ideal for storing goods.


Scored and slotted sheet with a 5th panel that creates double thickness on one side. Ideal for long narrow items with shallow depth.


Assembled or unassembled, partitions can be placed into a carton to divide product into individual cells for extra protection.

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