Carton Solutions offers a range of board thicknesses and weights suitable for all your packaging requirements, available in white, kraft or recycled formats. Our experienced team can guide you through the process of selecting the correct board, carton style, and printing process to suit your packaging needs.

Selecting the correct board is crucial to ensuring your product arrives safely to market and at optimal cost. Considerations such as humidity, distribution methods, inner pack strength. print presentation and more will all determine the right board grade for your product.

Carton Solutions offers a wide range of board thicknesses and weights suitable for all your packaging needs. White or brown board are the norm, and both come in either recycled or kraft papers. Where practical, Carton Solutions prefers to use recycled papers, aligning to our objective of minimising waste into landfill. Additional specialised boards are available for unique conditions.

At Carton Solutions, we know the intricate differences of the entire flute range, from micro through to double wall flutes, and whether kraft or recycled fibre is the most appropriate. This enables us to not only recommend the best grade for your needs, but also to design solutions that are precise in their creasing, folding and cutting measurements.

A multi-ply solid sheet of board with no corrugated fluting, available in a wide range of qualities and thicknesses. Most products we see on our shelves are of a thickness 0.7mm thick or less. Cartonboard can be easily cut and formed, making it ideal for small packs or self supporting products.

Micro Flute
This grade introduces a corrugated fluted medium to provide added strength over cartonboard, while retaining a flat surface for high visual presentation. This grade remains well suited for small or fine design needs where some added strength is needed. Primarily used for lithographic printing, this board is 1.2mm thick.

E Flute
A corrugated single layer of 1.7mm thick board. Used primarily in small box manufacturing, it is rarely used for larger boxes or cartons containing heavy products. E flute also provides a good flat surface for printing.

I Flute
A corrugated single layer of 2mm thick board, recently introduced to the market. I flute has been primarily targeted towards the retail ready (one touch packaging) push driven by Australian retailers. The surface is slightly flatter than B flute, and offers a good compromise between strength and print presentation.

B Flute
A corrugated single layer of 3mm thick board, commonly used for shipper cartons of modest weight, or products that are self supporting. Ideal for bottled and tinned products where the carton acts to contain the goods, it offers a good surface for printing and is often used for POS displays.

C Flute
A corrugated single layer of 4mm thick board, C flute is ideally suited to a cost effective shipper. A very common board grade for functional distribution cartons, it can also be combined with appropriate papers for chilled and frozen applications.

Xitex is a patented board grade only available to the Orora Group and its customers. The combined flute structure acts as a compression spring with rebound energy. Compared to conventional fluting, the 5mm thick Xitex board is more able to resist the crushing forces caused by conversion and printing.

BC Flute
Commonly referred to as Twin Cushion or Twin Wall board, this board comprises a layer of B flute and C flute laminated together into a 7mm thick board. The combination of the 2 flutes provides increased strength, which is useful for bulk shipping circumstances (Bulk Pallet Bins) or heavy industry where burst strength and contents weight are critical. Our use of kraft papers also makes this board ideal for transporting heavy materials in humid conditions.

Xitex/C Flute
A patented board grade only available to the Orora Group and its customers. In effect this is a C flute and Xitex board laminated together with the added benefits of heavy grammage kraft papers. High burst strength and containment factors make it ideal for bulk shipping situations or highly sensitive bulky products.