The process of determining the right packaging solution for your needs often involves many considerations, and can be rather complex. The frequently asked questions below cover a range of topics most commonly asked of our staff. Please contact us if there is something you wish to know that is not listed here.

Q. What is a PMS or Pantone colour?
A. This refers to a standardised colour matching system used by printers. A PMS colour is also referred to as a spot colour. Pantone is the company brand, PMS Pantone Matching System is used to match colour with codes.

Q. Can Carton Solutions print a PMS colour?
A. Yes, on Litho laminated and cartonboard cartons we can. On flexographic cartons we have a set colour range that your Sales Representative can discuss with you.

Q. Can my boxes be printed?
A. Certainly. Custom boxes provide the perfect opportunity to convey your company's image and to ensure that your product stands out from the competition. We are able to supply printed custom boxes from one colour to full colour specification on a range of boards.

Q. What is corrugated cardboard?
A. Corrugated cardboard consists of two paper components: the medium and the linerboard. The medium is a fluted corrugated sheet that is sandwiched between two sheets of linerboard facing. Both are made from paperboard (generically referred to as "cardboard") which is a paper-like material often composed of two or more plies to provide the required stiffness.

Q. What is the difference between single wall and double wall corrugated cardboard?
A. Single wall corrugated cardboard consists of one fluted medium between two sheets of linerboard. As its name implies, double wall has two fluted mediums sandwiched between three sheets of linerboard.

Q. Can you make me a sample first?
A. Yes, you can try our products worry free and make sure the finished product will be just the way you imagined it. Once you have received your custom box quote, all you have to do is email us at info@cartonsolutions.com.au or contact your Sales Representative quoting your reference, and we will arrange for a sample box to be sent to you.

Q. How long will it take you to deliver my order of custom boxes?
A. Normal delivery takes 5-7 working days for in-house manufacture. Twin cushion may take longer, depending on the order day. Litho laminated products are by negotiation

Q. Can you make very large boxes?
A. Yes, we regularly produce large boxes. However, dependent on the style, your custom box may require a one-off tooling charge, which will be discussed before we proceed with your order.

Q. How long will it take for you to prepare me a custom box quote?
A. We aim to return custom box quotes for standard styles the same or following business day. Die-cut boxes, displays and special grades may take a little longer if the construction is particularly complex.

Q. Can Carton Solutions handle orders for big quantities?
A. Yes. We have machines capable of both small and large order runs.

Q. Can Carton Solutions help me with the design of a printed box?
A. Absolutely. We will take your brief and guide you to the correct choice of board grade, and are always available to offer you advice and assistance in the design of a specific box to suit your product.

Q. Can I visit you in Brisbane to discuss my custom box requirements?
A. No problem! Many customers visit us to sort out the details. All we ask is that you give us advanced notice so we can be sure that the right person will be available when you arrive.

Q. Do I give you internal or external box dimensions?
A. Our preference is to quote internal dimensions, in a sequence of length x width x depth. If you click on the measurements tab above you will find easy instructions to guide you through.

Q. Will my boxes arrive ready assembled?
A. No. All cardboard boxes are delivered flat-packed to reduce transport, space and storage costs. In some cases we will assemble and ship display stands, but this is by arrangement with your Sales Representative.

Q. What do you recommend to seal my box?
A. Once packed, the box can be sealed using adhesive packaging tape, hot melt glue, or staples. We can assist you with all these packaging products.

Q. Can you help me with non fibre based packaging enquiries?
A. Yes, Carton Solutions has a small range of packaging ancillary products and can also utilise its global procurement network to source special requirements if needed.