The opportunity to save on cost through the effective use of packaging is often not fully appreciated. We understand the elements that impact on cost, and by utilising a number of available tools, we can work with you to optimise performance relative to cost.

Box Design

Shape is one of the most important aspects of packaging design. The internal dimensions of the box largely determine the range of styles available, then added aspects such as presentation and opening mechanisms become the customised element of all these components and will impact on manufacturing efficiency, which in turn impacts on costs. We understand these issues and can guide you through this process.

There is a wide range of board options available, ranging from triple wall corrugated board through to light weight cartonboard. Each has its own unique benefits and is best covered during the design process for suitability.

As packaging consultants, we carefully consider your unique requirements when designing the ideal solution for your needs. For example, it may be necessary to include partitions, sleeves, inserts or headers to achieve the desired level of strength or presentation for your market. All of these considerations will influence style and dimensions, leading directly to the amount of material required, and ultimately cost.

We have the experience and know-how to determine the best size and shape for your product.

Delivery Pallet

This is the pallet that we deliver your cartons flat packed onto.

Box shape and dimensions will influence the number of cartons we can stack on a pallet.

Often modifications to design can assist in improving delivery optimisation.

We are highly experienced and fully equipped both in knowledge and systems to provide the highest level of support.

Distribution Pallet

This is the suggested pallet layout for your goods travelling to market. We consider aspects such as the height your customers accept, and whether they accept overhang.

Shape and design have a significant influence on the overall durability of a pallet during transportation. Because the bottom of the stack endures much greater forces than those on top, we work to optimise performance for best advantage.

Small changes to sizing or design can impact greatly on the overall number of units to a pallet. Our technical team can work with all variants to come up with maximising shippers on a pallet.